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India Hosts First-Of-Its-Kind Military Drills with 17 African Nations

Troops from 17 African nations have gathered in Pune, India, for ten days of military drills with the Indian Army, aimed at boosting ties between the South Asian powerhouse and emerging economies in the resource-rich continent.
Dubbed the Africa-India field training exercise-2019 (AFINDEX-19), the drills will tap into India’s decades of experience on UN peacekeeping missions, with troops undergoing synchronized operational and tactical-level training, such as learning how to protect a convoy during a mission and without hurting civilians. Other exercises include learning how to properly deactivate landmines and other types of explosives.

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3 years ago

The women of India hold 11% of the entire worlds above ground gold supply. India is currently placed to become one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations on the planet when the economic Reset takes place. Oh how things will change.

Judd Hurst
3 years ago

India is not going to be caught in the middle of the American conquest of North Africa. They've already suffered do the British conquest that wasn't so very long ago I think they see the writing on the wall.

Dawn Robinson
3 years ago


3 years ago

Dah port of Jah booty

Law Richardson
3 years ago

Our King is coming this is happening all over the world its prophetic.
Just started to try and become born again what ever it takes to be obedient witch i am not even worthy of this gift.

Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

There will be signs everywhere as this judgement overwhelm overcomes the comfortable ones who send people off to their deaths I will release this energy onto you as a curse and judgement upon all the putting the citizens of Earth in harms way I will shake mountains toughen waters up cause the Earth to vibrate and shake as this manifest

Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

Hell is a place that no battlefield on this Earth could compare to. These leaders and evil hands are going there they will find themselves around soldiers killers all sorts of evil they will be the center of attention there they won’t be so high and mighty or “powerful” either they won’t be glorified either

Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

Just look at the all just look at them

Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

While the sheep look to the clouds and the sings and wonders are taking place they still look skyward

Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

Or is it that they are prepping for war with Gods heavenly army the difference between God and these men and women who rule these nations is that God is in the battle field he went ahead of his army

Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

Just look at this just look at this got to use the edbassmaster look at this character voice. Just look at this they are all itching for a war just look at this. All these nations all these men and women doing the will of people who are damning their souls to hell just look at this. See all these “brave” men not even a battlefield could compare to hell. The fools who order them around the pampered fools who sit and watch and push for wars just look at them all they can’t handle not one bit what a battle tested soldier had been through and their soldiers will be tore up in hell imagine them just look at them.

Devonne Clinton Amos
3 years ago

what if this is not to fight other humans? What if all these nations are having these training missions to fight something that comes to attack all of us…on earth…?

Vanezs Wilmer
3 years ago

Agenda 21 only 10 1/2 years left that's why Trumps budget has so much money for the military! We the people are the enemy!!

Brennen Nelson
3 years ago

Wow, majority of the news you parrot is from RT………
Quick question, have you ever done any investigative reporting yourself? Ever travel to these locations you’re reporting on??

3 years ago

I wish India well… and I hope they keep an eye on China as they have a foothold into the African continent..

3 years ago

India should know better than to get in bed with DC

ThePublicSux Rachel Pena

"And here we go….."- The Joker (Heath Ledger R.i.P) The Dark Knight. Lord help us all who believe in you. Peace Viewer's

Joe Dirt
3 years ago

The African troops are armed with state of the art Assegai spears. Very deadly at close range.

Yves Gunder
3 years ago


AARON FRANK Kingdomsgate

India no like China ..China is trying to control too much territory. India is being smart .

3 years ago

Making friends making allies.

Daniel Clark
3 years ago

pakistan and india are building up for a remake of ww1 along with all the other nations of the western and eastern powers.