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Did Luno stop us from buying cheap BTC on 30 December 2017?

Het Luno ons gekeer om goedkoop BTC op 30 Desember 2017 te koop?

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5 years ago

On 30 December 2017, BTC experienced some hair-raising moments.

During that evening, there were some serious dips where it looked like BTC would almost drop below US$11,000.

However, BTC reached a low of US$11,777 on Binance, and US$11,714 on Bitfinex (~R143,850).

So, my question is:

How did Luno’s price never drop below R180,000 for even a moment during this intense volatility and instead managed to stay at exactly R180k for a couple of hours? For four (4) hours, the low was exactly at R180,000.

A response from Luno would great, but I’m not counting on one.